Protect our children's health from pesticides on our streets, parks and playgrounds

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Stop the poisons!

Woohoo! 3000 people have signed our petition in support for an end to the use of pesticides in our urban environment. Communities all over WA are demanding that their local governments act immediately to implement safer and more effective weed management practices to protect the health of our children especially, our communities and environment.

A recent study found that, "Overall, in accordance with findings from experimental animal and mechanistic studies, our current meta-analysis of human epidemiological studies suggests a compelling link between exposures to GBHs and increased risk for NHL."

Local, state and federal governments are failing to accept the science and evidence of harm that Glyphosate causes, and act to protect the health of their citizens.

Together we can put pressure on our government to force them to change and put the health of our communities ahead of lazy, toxic and ineffective chemical weed control in our urban environments.

Will you join us?

Pesticide Action Group WA
1 year ago