WSCUC Must Remove Commissioner Beth Hillman

WSCUC Must Remove Commissioner Beth Hillman

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Why this petition matters

Mills College president Elizabeth Hillman serves on two WASC/WSCUC committees. The most ironic ones possible.

After eliminating shared governance at Mills -- denying the faculty a voice, even to the point of ignoring their vote of no confidence when she lied about who had decided to close the college -- she now serves on the Governance Committee

And despite having deliberately withheld her "teach-out plan" until after transfer deadlines had passed, and choosing a "teach-out partner" that isn't accredited to offer about 70% of Mills' programs... which is resulting in absolute chaos for current students, who as of March 2022 still do not know whether and how they can graduate...

She now serves on the committee that oversees school closings, teach-out plans, and other major changes. The Structural Change Committee

Her presence on these committees makes it look like WSCUC (the college and university part of WASC) is against shared governance.

Against their own teach-out policies.

Against honesty and integrity in administration.

Against faculty.

Against students. 

She demonstrably has nothing to offer these committees except what NOT to do. 

Worst of all, she is giving Mills to Northeastern University, and WSCUC is one of the agencies that oversee and approve the deal.

WSCUC must remove her immediately. Everything about this undermines the integrity of WSCUC, WASC, and the accreditation system they oversee. 

99 have signed. Let’s get to 100!