All Children Should Get Lunch

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So, Westerly School system still takes food away from the children at the schools, from people who can't afford it, capping how much they can owe to $10.Not only does the school take away children's food, they throw it away, in front of the child, and in front of their peers.As a student of this school, I can say that the student body wholeheartedly disagrees with these policies. Our school says that discrimination and bullying are not tolerated, but is taking away food from someone who has no way to pay for their food, and no way to influence their lunch account balance not discriminatory towards poor kids?Is it not bullying to embarrass them in front of their peers for something they cannot control?Its the same concept as embarrassing someone for the clothes they wear, does that sound right to you?How can we say we are free when so many of us are held down by the shackles of hunger?How can we focus when were not given food?If you look at the bigger picture, take a look at the children who can't afford things at home, whose family already struggles, and then realize that taking away what for some children is the only meal they get in a day is destroying this person. Could you imagine having clothes that are years old or are from a donation bin, not eating breakfast or dinner, and going to the place that is supposed to make you feel safe, the place where part of your parents little money goes to fund it, and being told"You can't get lunch today" because you owe $10?That's attacking people who have no control over how much they owe. Should we punish someone for a crime they simply didn't commit, knowing they didn't do anything?I know that as of this moment, I'm going to take a stand, and we should stand together, to protect our peers who are embarrassed and targeted by this policy, to take a stand against a school system who believes flat screen TVs we don't use, are more important than the hunger their student body faces on a daily basis. Talk about this and take a stand, help convince the school that their students are better off freed from the shackles of hunger, and help convince them to take those very shackles off of us.Our only concern should be to receive the education we've all fought so hard for, not where our next meal is coming from. Let us walk through the doors as equals free to be educated, able to concentrate on our future. Don"t Separate us based on our ability to pay for food, don't single us out in front of our peers and humiliate us. Don't Bully us.

The Westerly School Committee should consider including lunch in the daily program, as it hurts everyone's heart to see children have their food thrown away, children who didn't eat breakfast and most likely aren't going to be able to go home and have dinner with their families

Bottom line, no child should be denied food, a child can't control their financial situation, but the school can afford to feed its student body and allow everyone a secure meal.The school gets a 57 million dollar a year budget.I'm 15 years old and even I know it's wrong to take food from a kid, mind you this isn't only happening at the high school level.This is about the food security of all students in the Westerly School System.There are many kids who don't qualify for free or reduced lunch but whose parents simply can't afford a lunch bill due to an array of circumstances, and we all know no one should be deprived a meal in a place of education and security.

Edit:The schools lunch policy also states that any child who owes more than $20 cannot have any more charges to their account, meaning that some children get no lunch at all.