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Removal of overpass scheduled for Sunday 8 March

People riding along the Lilyfield Road cycleway now face being diverted along Gordon Street.   Bicycle NSW made it clear this route would be dangerous for people on bikes, unless: on-street parking was suspended in the uphill direction of travel a temporary protected bike lane was provided. Bicycle NSW and local Greens Member, the Hon. Jamie Parker MP were led to believe this protected lane would be provided.  Unfortunately we were told this would not happen on Sunday evening (23 February) and the over-bridges would be closed on Sunday, 8 March even though the detour was unsafe. Note also, the current crossing between Gordon Street and the shared path on Victoria Road has a pedestrian only lantern, so people would need to dismount their bikes and walk their bikes onto the footpath to cross when heading east.  No entry is allowed into Gordon Street from Victoria Road as it is marked ‘one way’, so riders heading back from the city would need to break the law again or run the gauntlet of motor vehicles. “We’re asking riders to share this article by email or on social media with your MP, and tell them how this affects you,” urges Bicycle NSW.

Yvonne Poon
2 years ago