Bee-Line route serving Crisfield St and to Bay Plaza

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The Bee-Line system is a bus system serving Westchester County, New York. It currently has sixty routes in service that serve places like White Plains, Hartsdale, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, and even the Bronx. 

Currently, a new route has been proposed that serves Jackson Avenue, Crisfield St, Scarsdale Rd, Brook St and White Plains rd until ending at Bay Plaza. This route is said to be useful, but an executive at the Bee Line Company requests that other people sign this petition so they can see that the route would be useful and turn it into a reality. 

The more people that sign, the better. 

People who live in the Crestwood Lake Apartments don't have to walk 15 - 20 minutes to the 20 bus as they can get this bus right there on Crisfield St and let it take you to Central Avenue or the other way to Scarsdale Rd and White Plains Rd and straight down to Bay Plaza.

Currently, there is no bus that takes you from Jackson Avenue/Crisfield st to White Plains rd.

This petition needs your signature and also make sure to share it around, the more signatures the better. For those in the Crestwood Lake Apartments, this route will benefit you greatly as you don't need to only rely on the 20 bus. 

This will also be great for shoppers who need to go to Bay Plaza in Co - Op - City. 

Share this petition around, sign it, so I can send it to the county executive for him to look over.

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