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legalize ATV On Public Roads

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In some states, almost all ATVs are street legal on specific roads (i.e. they are legal on side roads but not state highways or Interstate highways). In other states, ATVs in general are not street legal. However, there are ways to circumvent specific state Department of Motor Vehicle regulations by registering certain ATVs as motorcycles, which are street legal on almost all roadways and highways under the jurisdiction of federal traffic laws. Before purchasing a street legal ATV, it is important to understand the regulations that pertain to ATVs in your state (Street Legal ATVs).

There is a lot of good families here in Westchester County that would love to go riding with there kids, friends and even job related stuff. There are no dirt park or tracks for families to ride there ATV's in Westchester County. I also feel that there should be a cut off time for the people that choose to ride there ATV's. For example we should be allowed to ride from 6am to 12am, I only say 12am because of some people that is getting out of work at that time.

I also feel that the rules for riding the ATV's, if legalized should be a little strict as well, for example if caught riding after 12am, A $200 fine will be issued, riding without a helmet that is another $50 fine, just to keep riders in check. We as parents spend a lot of money on these ATV's and we would like to enjoy them with our son or little daughter. Legalizing ATV's will also bring in more funds for the cities because we would have to pay registration, plates and city stickers fee and more. More money from the taxes means more money into helping the city remodel and more. Lets put Westchester County on the map for legalizing ATV's. This will bring a Whole new look to Westchester County and Attraction for the good. If a dirt track or part was to also open. That would also bring in a lot of money for the city as well.

ATVs are very affordable. You can purchase a used ATV off of eBay for around $500-$1000. Many ATVs come with headlights, taillights, and turn signals, mirrors and more. Why not legalize them?

The people of Westchester are in need of something fun to do and different. Why should we have travel upstate to give them or money when we can give it back to   our community and our county?

Thank you for you time.

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