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Playland is our local gem, and a cherished and public treasure of Westchester County.  But our Westchester elected officials haven't treated it that way.  The public has been kept completely in the dark about its very uncertain future. WE CALL ON THE BOARD OF LEGISLATORS TO HOLD IMMEDIATE AND PUBLIC HEARINGS ABOUT RYE PLAYLAND AND ITS FUTURE. There are dozens of questions swirling about the current and future state of affairs.  The residents of Westchester deserve answers.  As taxpayers, we need to know how repairs will be paid for. As visitors of Playland, we need to know when these repairs will be done. What new rides can we look forward to? When will the pool be fixed?  How will the historic character of the park be maintained? Will our families be safe when the park opens this summer? We need answers and we need them now.

Standard Amusements, the operator selected in 2015 that has been repeatedly stymied by the County in moving forward with repairs, has put forth their initial draft plan. Why won't our elected officials talk about it? Why won't our elected officials let us know their plan?

Specifically, we demand to know:

·      When will the Board of Legislators hold committee meetings regarding Rye Playland? 

 ·       What is the status of Westchester County’s $43 million capital improvement plan for Playland? Which projects have been completed? What is the schedule for completion of the remaining projects?

 ·       What is the status of the pool renovation?

 ·       Was there a fire safety report prepared and issued by a NFPA-Certified Fire Protection Specialist as to the cause of the carousel fire? Has such a report been made public?

 ·      Are the existing fire suppression systems throughout the Park inspected each year by licensed NFPA specialists? 

 ·      What is the status of the new electric Switch Gear project? ·      

 ·      How much trash (tonnage) is collected each year from Playland? Does Westchester County recycle the trash?

 ·      Are there sufficient bathrooms/restrooms for visitors to the Park? If so, what standards are Westchester County utilizing to measure sufficiency?

 ·       Given several public reports regarding the food at Playland, what new measures have been implemented to insure food safety for the 2019 season?

 ·      Are there any concerns about the condition of the Dragon Coaster given its age and historic nature?

 ·      When will the roof eves be repaired on the Bathhouse building?

 ·       Are there any resiliency plans to protect the Park from future damaging hurricanes like Superstorm Sandy?

 ·       What are the County Plans for improving traffic and parking at Playland?

 ·       What storm water management improvements are envisioned to improve and protect the Park and surrounding areas?