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Westbourne: Allow male students to grow their hair longer than collar length

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The issue of male students' hair length restricted to collar-length at Westbourne has been an ongoing issue for many students spanning multiple year levels. Affected students of this regulation are stripped of their freedom of choice regarding personal appearance despite the school value of Creativity "encouraging behaviors which encompass notions of innovation, originality, liberation and generative problem-solving in all that we do", a direct contradiction to the restriction of hair length. The regulation prohibits students from maintaining a hairstyle they like both inside of school and out, and I am sure that affected students will be willing to come to an agreement regarding neatness and presentation while in school, if that means satisfying the desires of their hairstyle outside of school. After having been constantly affected by this rule for 3 years now, I would like to see a change to cater for the reasonable desires of all students affected whilst still maintaining a positive and conservative image for the school which is, without doubt, an easily achievable goal. I don't want students in the younger year levels to go through the pain of maintaining a hairstyle that is below the standard of their desired length for as long as I have. Although only a small percentage of students are affected by this rule, the desired change will lead to nothing but benefit for us at no expense to the school's reputation.

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