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Petitioning Westboro Baptist Church Protesting at Olympia High School, WA

Petition the Principal to refuse admittance on the school grounds.

This group of individuals carries with them nothing but hate and prejudice against a group of people. This hate stems only from an interpretation of their own printed version of the Holy Bible. In a state recently shocked by fatal shootings in Seattle they will undoubtedly use this to their advantage stating something along the lines of "god killed those people because Washington accepts gays". This kind of message is not the kind a school full of impressionable teenagers needs in its vicinity. Signing this petition will show the principal of the school that the Hate filled people of the Kansas based church are not welcome and that just because they have freedom of speech, doesn't mean that they can excersise that right on the grounds of the school. Thank you for any and all of your support. They will be here on June 7th, and hope to recieve enough signatures by the 6th to present to the principal make them change their mind.

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  • Westboro Baptist Church Protesting at Olympia High School, WA

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