let’s get the day after halloween off (like in school and work)

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we don’t have the day after halloween off and that bothers me because we want to stay up late enjoying spooky days we need to stay up to at least 12:00 am because that’s spooky hour. i am mad that i can’t do that and basically everyone is tired after a long day of enjoying spooky ness. it’s unfair for teachers to expect us all to go to school all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to learn. no one is awake enough so everything taught goes in one ear and out the other. they tell us to get enough sleep so we can pay attention but expecting us to pay attention the day after is just preposterous.  it’s almost cruel to make us wake up after 5 hours of sleep. yes when we go to bed is our choice but it’s a holiday that we spend with friends watching scary movies and eating candy. do they really think we are going to bed at 10? heck we don’t even do that now with all the homework we get. let’s stop this awful day after halloween please. let’s have it off. if halloween is friday or saturday it makes sense to not take monday off but every other day is needed. even sunday. let’s make a change students. i believe in everyone we can do this i believe in us. if u see this tell ur friends to sign please. thank u for your time and enjoy