Change in the way how police treat black men/boys when the come in contact

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Police in Leeds treat black men/boys like criminals regards weather they are innocent or not when they come in contact with them, this has to stop. They are humans too and should be treated fairly. Police should not come with so much force and immediately assume we are guilty because we are of colour.

on June 6 my husband and I was on the motorway heading in to Leeds when we was pulled by gun police demanding to search our car for bolt cutter because our car was reported involved in the theft of a motorbike in Leeds city centre,  we was very upset by these claims and also by the fact that such aggression came from the police on such minor offences, at one point one of the officers had his hand on the gun on his side as if he was going pull it knowingly his claim was only a allegation not to mention we was park in an unsafe part of the motorway and had  to remove the children from the car, our life’s was put at risk. 

It turned out a member of the public had made a claim that people from our car try to steal their motorbike.

Later on that day at 9:35 while out delivering with my husband and our young baby two plain clothe office approach the car again, his exact words was you look suspicious your under arrest for motorbike theft we try to explain this already been done today with his aggression he fail to communicate and my husband was held against his will falsely and I was physically assaulted for recording the incidents and been upset, I was held in a handcuff against my will in police care for 40mins while my 6 months old baby sat and cried in the car with an officer who refused to hold him. 

My husband was held overnight while officers look through cctv to see if he was the person They was looking for. He was released with no further action.

im very distressed by how we was treated and that isn’t the first time I am scared for my young teenage son been out in the public and been caught in a mistake identify and no one is there to help him like I was their for my husband, this incident could of been a worst out come. 

In November 2016 I found my 12 year old son unresponsive in bed, he was later pronounced death hardest day of my life the most difficult time for family, but there was no sympathy from the Police because we are black you must of done something wrong, even though there was no foul play at the home or to my son body or on the body scan we was arrested and the other children removed from our care because we was black. 


This is has stop we are humans and we deserve better.