Awareness for Country Corner!

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Let me be clear - this is not a typical petition. This is a forum for residents of West Weber, Warren, West Warren and other areas of Western Weber County to voice their support for Country Corner. 

Recently Country Corner has come under some very serious accusations. For those of us who know the store's owners and employees, the allegations are ridiculous. However, there are some people online who feel the need to destroy Country Corner's good name and reputation based on false claims. LET'S NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! 

Country Corner has been a staple in West Weber for years. In many ways, this store is the hub for our rural community. In addition to carrying nearly any needed household or grocery item, they also host celebrations throughout the year - Santa and the Easter Bunny even make stops at Country Corner for the kiddos. 

Please sign this document and help show Country Corner your love. It is our goal to help eliminate any negativity surrounding Country Corner and show Country Corner and the Sinclair Corporation just how much our community supports this wonderful local business. Let's rally the troops and SUPPORT COUNTRY CORNER!