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Pay all funds withheld from the budget to keep extracurricular activities.

This is another case of politics being involved where it ought not be. In the midst of all this political red tape, hard-working students may lose their chances at entering great schools because the West Warwick Town Council has wrongly denied the West Warwick School Department sufficient funds. Although the town was ordered by a superior court judge to pay all due funds to the school department, the town council has still refused to pay the school department, resulting in the loss of lauded music programs, a locally-acclaimed drama group, division II sports, and all other extracurricular and after school activities. As a current Ivy League student and a former West Warwick High School Student, I fully understand the roles that my extracurricular activities, in addition to academic excellence, have played in landing me in a prime school. Without extracurricular activities, not only will deserving students apply to schools with empty resumes, but the academic performance of an already mediocre school will slip further. Many students tie their performances to enjoyable academic pastimes such as art, chorus, band, and sports, all of which have yielded many honors to its school department. Now, the school department has no choice but to shutter all activities due to the misjudgment of the town council. Rescue our activities. Rescue our school. Rescue our students!

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