WVU: Instate Remote Learning Until The Current COVID Surge Has Been Addressed

WVU: Instate Remote Learning Until The Current COVID Surge Has Been Addressed

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Started by Concerned Students

With the ongoing surge in the Coronavirus Pandemic it is unacceptable to allow an influx of students to return to a form of in-person instruction which would likely propagate the spread of this virus amongst the student body, faculty, and local populous. 

As the highly contagious Omicron variant continues to ravage through communities throughout the country, it is untenable to suggest that it is in the best interest of students to continue such close contact instruction. We who sign this petition are suggesting a minimum two weeks of remote classes before proper, in-person instruction is allowed to continue. We, of course, urge WVU to take the local rate of positive cases into account when extending or amending this delay to in-person instruction.

Furthermore, while a reimplementation of mask mandates, a continued push for vaccinations, and free antigen self-tests are all a good start in making students return to campus as safe as possible, it is just that, a start.

By the universities own suggestion, students ought to be using the KN95 style masks in specific- why then are they only going to be freely provided through the first week of classes? A similar question can be asked about the self-tests. We who sign this petition urge WVU to continue giving such fundamental protective articles away  throughout the semester or at least until there has been some significant drop in positive cases. 

The negligence toward public health that would culminate from the current plan to return to campus would leave WVU not only directly culpable for whatever further illness and death may ensue in the following weeks- but also directly responsible for whatever actions students may take to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Whether it be through extended personal isolation, public protests against the university, or withdrawal from courses completely- WVU ought to expect a far more disruptive semester should they continue their current inaction. 

Stop the spread. Promote public health. Delay in-person instruction. 

14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!