Bring Back the WVU Marching Band's Senior Feature Entrance Video

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For years, the WVU Athletic Department has featured the marching band seniors in the band's pre-game entrance video. It's become a beloved tradition and is very special to the four year students who have poured their hearts and souls into the program. It's been a wonderful way for the university to award the four year members on their hours upon hours of dedication and hard work to the band, university, and State of West Virginia as a whole.

This year, the Athletic Department has decided that they would "change the format" to "freshen things up," and has removed the four year senior feature from game day. A lot of the students are feeling hurt and betrayed by this - and I believe action should be taken. 

Please show your support of the band and these students. They work extremely hard and deserve the 45-60 seconds of time on the scoreboard. And please, don't stop with just adding your name to the petition. Start calling and emailing members of the Athletic Department and encourage your friends to do so also. Convince them that this action is harmful. Thank you for your time!