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On November 12th, 2010 Stephen and Sharon Endicott learned that their 13 year old daughter B.E had been gang raped by multiple high school boys ranging from 16 to 17 years old. B. E. was required to stay after school to obtain uniforms for her cheerleading team by her coach. She missed her bus, and when she went to the school office to phone her parents was told she could not use the phone there.
She then went to the gymnasium to seek a friend at basketball practice and ask for a cell phone. She called her parents to say she would get a ride home with his parents.
When she returned to the school office, she found staff members gone and the office locked. After she returned to the gymnasium, the basketball coach told her that she could not wait there.
Instead, B.E. waited outside the gymnasium, where she was confronted by the older students. They forced her into a room commonly used for sexual activity by students and then raped and physically assaulted her. She was found outside the gymnasium by her friend, who reported the incident to his mother, a nurse.
What is clear about B.E.’s case is that school officials neglected to provide a safe environment for one of their students. On September 30, 2011 the parents of B.E. filed a civil law suit for the negligence of their daughter. Within the suit is an injunction ordering the Board of Education to implement a program to guard against future student-on-student sexual assault and harassment.
Join me in this petition to support the Endicott’s case and order the Board of Education to implement programs to prevent students like B.E. from experiencing rape and sexual assault on school grounds.

Letter to
West Virginia State Superintendent of Schools Jorea M. Marple
Coordinator Office of Healthy Schools Shelly Stalnaker
Executive Director, Office of Healthy Schools Melanie Purkey
and 1 other
Superintendent of Fayette county public schools Dwight Dials
I just signed the following petition addressed to: West Virginia Department of Education.

Prevent Rape on School Grounds
On November 12th, 2010 the daughter of Stephen and Sharon Endicott was raped and assaulted on the grounds of Mount Hope High School. This event occurred after the student missed her bus due to a responsibility handed to her at the end of the day by the cheerleading coach. Afterwards, the administration refused to allow the student to use a telephone to contact her parents for a ride home, and the basketball coach refused to allow her to stay within the safety of the gymnasium during basketball practice.
The Endicott’s daughter was attacked in a room commonly used by students to engage in sexual acts, and at least one of the attackers had a history of predatory and sexual behavior towards other female students.
What happened to the Endicott’s daughter could have been avoided if the school district had strict policies regarding student supervision and implemented programs to promote sexual assault awareness and prevention. Therefore, I ask that the Board of Education commit to the following actions within the year:

• Comply with the Endicott’s injunction ordering the Board to implement a program to guard against future student-on-student sexual assault, and harassment.
• Provide a safe, supervised place for students to wait until they are retrieved from school.
• Eliminate the availability of unsupervised and/or unlocked rooms where students are able to engage in sexual activity, such as the one in which the Endicott’s daughter experienced her assault.

I believe that all students have the right to a safe learning environment and that public schools are responsible for the safety and accountability for every adult in their employment and every student under their supervision.

Thank you,

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