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This is a petition to save all Logan County libraries and librarians, which includes Chapmanville, Logan, and Man schools. Reading is fundamental to a learning experience. It is needed not only for English, but for all other subjects as well. A school simply cannot be functional without a library, and a library simply cannot be functional without a librarian. Specifically at Chapmanville Regional High School, our library has gone from unorganized with books scattered everywhere, missing and outdated books, and overall not pleasing to look at to a library that is successful to everyone in the building. Everything is now completely organized, and we use a system that is much more efficient to check out books. This year has been the best year for our library by far in a long time. More and more people have been coming to check out books, and it's absolutely amazing to see. It would be a terrible shame to take all of that away after so many students worked so hard to make it a better place for our education. All of these things have been made possibly by our librarian, and I'm sure it's the same for the libraries all across the county. She really made our library thrive again. Even if the libraries stay around, without a librarian, they will soon go too. A library cannot function without a librarian. They make sure everything is in place, makes sure every book has been returned, and more. They will guide you through finding a book that you might enjoy. They don't only "check out books." They collaborate with teachers to provide the latest in technology to their students, they teach classes to write and research, and they help them navigate what to do in certain tests like the ACT. They also help students learn how to get scholarships. Research shows that 67% of students read only materials from school libraries because they can't afford to buy books themselves or they can't access their public library. Taking away the librarians and libraries would be like telling students that reading isn't important, but that simply isn't true. We need to be truly thinking about our students' education, and taking away our school libraries will be doing the opposite of that. Please consider signing this petition for the sake of our students' future education. 

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