Make Mothman West Virginia's State Bird

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The cardinal is the state bird of seven states, including the small and often ignored West Virginia. One of the most interesting and well-known aspects of West Virginia is the man, the moth, the legend: Mothman. I believe that changing the official state bird of West Virginia to the Mothman will bring much more attention to the state, and attract even more tourism than Mothman has already. The town of Point Pleasant markets itself using the Mothman, holding an annual festival and selling Mothman-themed goods. If the entire state could take advantage of the second most iconic American cryptid and do the same, West Virginia's national and international reputation will improve. 

You might argue that Mothman is not a bird, or that Mothman is not real. To this I say that Scotland's national animal is a unicorn, which is not a real animal. There have been many more Mothman sightings than unicorn sightings. 

Please consider that along with being ridiculous and absurd, making Mothman the state bird of West Virginia is simply the best option.

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