Protect kids in family court

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Because in the custody case involving the child known as Rosie Bird, the court of Judge Randal Minor has not admitted or viewed documented evidence that the father is unfit to have unsupervised visitations, and because Rosie Bird has always resided with and been supported by her mother and has not formed a relationship with her father, and because she is a still nursing, non-verbal 18 month old who should not be wrested from her familiar surroundings:

We, the undersigned, ask the West Virginia legislature, governor, and the US attorney for the Northern District to prevent the child known as Rosie Bird from being wrested from her safe and secure home and her mother's care in which she has been all her life, and to ensure only supervised visits with her father for the present time, until all evidence can be looked at by an unbiased court.

We also ask the above petitioned entities and the Judicial Investigative Committee of West Virginia to investigate the illegalities, irregularities and biases occurring in Judge Randal Minor's court in Preston County, and take appropriate measures to prevent judgements resulting from unlawful proceedings in that court from being executed.