Marijuana has so many medicinal properties. It's a shame West Virginian's can't benefit from them. I could present all kinds of statistics but the bottom line is, marijuana should not be illegal in the first place!

This plant can could help cancer patients cope with the horrible disease. It helps lessen the pain and gives appetite. It's a natural herb that has far less side effects than pharmaceutical drugs.

It has been said that marijuana is the "gateway" to higher drugs. That's baloney and anyone who has a functioning brain knows it. It could also be said that alcohol is a gateway to a higher drug. It's legal. But how many lives are taken each year by drunk drivers? Like anything, alcohol is abused. It also has medicinal benefits when used as a medicine. Anything can be abused.

Please legalize marijuana in West Virginia. Let us decide whether we want to use it as our medicine or not.

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