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A Call for Action to Humanely Address Abandoned Horses on Reclaimed Mines

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In West Virginia and surrounding states, many thousands of horses are turned out onto former and active mine sites. Through the winter, many will die or come near death. Some are born feral, but the bulk are 1st generation abandoned horses. This is not a problem only found in West Virginia. It is found in VA, Ky and Ohio, as well.

Heart of Phoenix is trying hard to find a long term solution to solve this problem that the public is, so far, very unaware of.

This is a problem so massive, it will require many organizations nationwide, as well as legislative changes while working with the land corporations and mines.

Sadly, the citizens in communities with large feral horse populations regard the horses highly, and despite the fact the horses are in poor shape and starve through winter, resent most efforts to remove the horses.

Currently, no organization has legal clearance to go into these locations and move horses en masse.

We are hoping to keep pushing for a gelding program where colts and stallion are re-released in the short term, trained teams able to safely recover mares and foals for placement, legal changes to put heavy fines in place for anyone caught releasing horses onto private or public land, legal assurance that equine welfare organization can go into this herds and rescue and place with state permission and lastly, for the long term, a future rescue center that addresses feral horses turned out on mine sites, as this issue has been present for well over a decade.

The numbers are too great to control in just a few years time.


This video is nearly an hour long. It answers the questions many people raise about the situation on the mines.

It shows video of the mine horses and has the full power point and Q&A portion of yesterday's meeting on the situation.


To watch a full video about the issue, visit:

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