Please help me make fishing for stocked trout fair for everyone!

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In this petition, all I ask is that when a lake is to be stocked with trout here in the state of West Virginia, it should be stocked in the hours after nightfall and if need be, the Park Rangers or local DNR detachment should accompany the truck to its destination to stock the lake. I strongly feel that would allow the fish sufficient time to migrate around the body of water instead of being slain all in a small portion of the water ten minutes after they enter the water as I have witnessed in the past. 

I ask this in the interest of fairness for all anglers, but especially those like children learning how to fish with their parents or guardians and the elderly or handicapped, those who aren't physically capable of walking far, rough distances and terrain to fish streams or rivers. It shouldn't be a matter of "right place at the right time" because as I have witnessed in the past, some individuals only show up at a lake when they think it will be stocked and they will not begin to fish until they see stock truck entering the property. Once they've netted fish coming right off the truck and piled them up on the bank, they leave and go to the next lake to do the exact same thing and they don't return until the next month when they think the body of water will be stocked, and the cycle continues until the lakes get stocked again. 

That's unfair for the folks who fish some of the stocked lakes numerous times a week, myself included. We should have the same chance to catch stocked fish just as those that jump from lake to lake during stocking months do. Witnessing such acts of gluttony and greed by grown men discourages a lot of people from wanting to return to the body of water.

All I ask is that you sign this petition and share this with friends and family to help me make a difference in fishing for stocked trout in the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia better for generations and for the better of the young ones and the elders alike and everyone in between.



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