Stop the deer feeders

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Jeff nichols
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Deer feeders are ruining the art of natural hunting in West Virginia! 1. They are allowing people to domesticate deer for killing and not hunting! When a deer feeder is set for a certain time, and the electronic feeder goes off, it is like using an electronic call (which is illegal for luring deer in) to call the deer in and allowing lazy people to easily take a deer!

2. It is not teaching our children how to actually hunt. They don’t have to scout, they don’t have to know deer sign. All they have to do is know to be there 30 minutes before the deer feeder goes off and wait for the deer to come to feed!

3. The deer are not acting natural, they are laying close to the feeder and know they will get food as soon as the feeder calls them in!

To real hunters, this is an unfair advantage and allows for lazy killers to hold deer to their property! Feeding deer is find from January through August, but for fair hunts they need to be banned. 
Feeders are fine if you are trying to eliminate a species like invasive hogs, but deer can’t withstand this kind of killing! Remember, there used to be millions of buffalo, now not so much! 
Stop the deer feeders during hunting season!