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Make a change in the Fishing Report WV facebook group to promote wild trout conservation

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"Fishing Report WV" with its following of 30,000 people is one of the states largest social media communities for fishing via Facebook. Though the leaders of the group claim to support conservation and talk of a better tomorrow, they turn to hipocracy and applaud people for the killing of SPAWNING native brook trout, along with wild brown and rainbow trout. 

     As our state fish, the brook trout is not only our single form of true native trout (char), they are important to our heritage and as indicators of clean water. 

     "Fishing Report WV" asserts that there is nothing wrong with making these pristine waterways, which can not handle many external pressures, open knowledge to the 30,000 group members so that they may trample redds (spawning beds), catch their "limit", and utterly destroy these fragile fisheries that have been on the decline since the early logging days. They allow this for, "they paid for their license".

     Though legal, it would be very challenging for the WVDNR to QUICKLY implement new laws and regulations, so it is CRITICAL for US as a community to do what we can to protect these native and wild trout until such regulations are created. One such method is deleting comments or posts which arise that may disclose the location or contents of a particular stream to the entire 30,000 members. Instead, an individual could send a private message to an inquiring angler through the wonderful "Messenger" tool provided by facebook. 

   Anybody who openly opposes such acts on the page is abruptly banned and made shame of for simply protecting these fisheries that the page administration knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT!!



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