Save Ron Thom's 1962 Forrest House in West Vancouver.

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Please sign this petition TO SAVE the famous Canadian architect Ron Thom's 1962 Forrest House in West Vancouver which is slated for Demolition on January 16th 2020. 

The Forrest House
1143 Eyremount Dr, 
West Vancouver, BC CANADA V7S 2C4
Thompson, Berwick, Pratt
Ron Thom/Dick Mann (project architects)
Masterpiece built in 1962
Won the Massey Medal for Best Architecture in CANADA in 1964

Slated for DEMO~ JAN 2020

A group of Binning Friends are UP IN ARMS and going to the Mayor and Council meeting this week to plead the case before they have a long Holiday break. Mayor and Council meet again on January13th ~ but the demolition halt expires on January16th so it is a very short few days before the wrecker's ball comes and then it is too late. This would be the saddest crime against culture to start the New Year 2020.

These West Coast Modern Houses are our UNIQUE culture. It is OUR CULTURE.

There are at least 10 houses that deserve protection and the Forrest house is in the top #3. It should be owned by people that really care for it; then perhaps together with several other special houses could form a very interesting community attraction with an Artist In Residence program, bringing a dynamic and stimulating mix of people to West Vancouver.

Dear Mary-Ann, Madame Mayor and Council:

Below is a solution used to save important homes in USA.

An ambitious, vivacious and community minded Artist in Residence model with other famous homes in an "a spacial museum". . .like Venice.

Liability owned privately. 
Land owned by District, City, Province or Nation.
Bruno Freschi saved 5 Frank Lloyd Wright Houses in NY this way.

Any programming requirements could be arranged by the very able, willing and knowledgeable West Coast Modern League. Their bylaws do not allow ownership of property. Binning Heritage Society was founded earlier this year to protect, preserve and promote West Coast Modern Architecture, Art and Culture and to make the right deals happen. Here to help.

It is a busy time of year but we must act now to stop the demolition of this masterpiece. Please call me anytime to talk or meet.

Kathleen Staples 
Binning Heritage Society
1 604 831 3085 


Binning ~ unfavourable hands closed to the public, illegal repairs, negect`
Smith ~ agreed to save
Forrest Baker ~ demolition pending URGENT ATTENTION 
Pratt ~ agreed to save
Keay ~ agreed to save
Eppich I ~ safe hands private
Eppich II ~ agree to save but currently for sale
Merrick ~ agreed to save
Carmichael ~ have not consulted
Downs ~ have not consulted
Plommer ~ have not consulted

Donations for legal fees graciously accepted.