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Почему эта петиция важна

Автор: Nicole Schlueter

If you?re thinking of entering graduate school, you have to pull off a convincing graduate school essay. Graduate school essays can either be personal statement essay, a statement of purpose, or a statement of background and goals, depending on what the school would require. Regardless of which you will be asked to write about, bear in mind that the process of admissions for graduate programs is highly competitive nowadays, so you have to stand out.

One sure way to come up with an essay that is coherent and pleasant to read is by effectively using transition words also in the end you may need help of mba essay editing service for proofreading your work.

Examples and purpose of transition words

Transition words give direction to a thought. Transition words and phrases not only join sentences together. They help organize thoughts and bring ideas together. Below are some *common English transition words and phrases:

- and not only… but also
- also
- moreover
- furthermore
- in addition
- for instance
- specifically
- in particular
- but
- however
- on the other hand
- otherwise
- instead
- nevertheless
- even so
- however
- although
- even though
- despite the fact that…
- likewise
- similarly
- in the same way

How to effectively use transition words in your essay

You should know when and how to use transition words and phrases. Remember that they should be used sparingly. Transition phrases should be used at the beginning of a new paragraph while transition words should be placed in between thoughts within your paragraph. Use transition words and phrases for different purposes. Know what kind of transitions you should use if you wish to give example, add information, show similarity, show contrast, show a result, show a condition, establish relation or sequence, give emphasis, or give an alternative. There is an appropriate transition word or phrase for a specific purpose. If you misuse them, you might convey the wrong idea. Also, don?t use a transition word or phrase too often. Keep in mind that there should be variety.

Impact of effective transition words on your essay

Transition words in an essay serve as the glue that creates coherence and makes way for a smooth flow of ideas. Those who will evaluate your essay will be impressed by the continuity and good structure of your essay if you properly use transition words and phrases.

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