Petition to Local Council for Speed bumps and more targeted police patrols - Littlehampton

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More often than usual residents in a whole list of places in Littlehampton are facing the battle of "boy-racers" driving around at excessive speeds. Some have been said to be driving around on pavements and most have reportedly been wearing no helmets or protective clothing pulling stunts and wheelies at speeds often between 30-60. Revving of engines and tyre screeching is the biggest issue with parents and kids struggling to sleep. Their has been a debate / conversation on a local Facebook site with 17 thousand likes which is for people to share businesses, charity events and engage with other people in Littlehampton and surround. On this page was the post that said the following:  Can anything be done about the speeding cars and motorbikes up Arundel road at night also around the town. It is very disturbing not only to us but others that have sent messages and to those who don't have Facebook. The noise is unbelievable and usually goes on from 6pm and midnight. If anyone reading this feels the same way I would appreciate if you could share it around and also send a post. Post:

Many other posts like this have been sent In the past few years. There is currently 129 different comments on this post since it was added on 6 Aug at 8:14pm all agreeing that something needs to be done. Collectively here is a list of the worst affected areas:

South Terrace leading into Banjo Road, Littlehampton  

Clun Road - Full length , Littlehampton

Horsham Road, Littlehampton

West Way, Littlehampton

Manning Road, Littlehampton

Southfields Road, Littlehampton

Courtwick Road, Littlehampton

Sea Lane - From leisure centre to Rustington corner, Littlehampton

Queen Street, Littlehampton

Old Manor Road, Rustington

Church Street, Rustington


Sign if you want change and with a fair amount of signatures we will present to council and local committee along with statements we have from other residents.