Change Ms.Pardo's Teaching Methods and Treatment of Students

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We, the students and parents of students enrolled in Ms.Pardo's classes, respectfully request that her teaching methods, classroom/bathroom policies, treatment of students, and overall classroom presence be formally evaluated and reviewed. We also request that the necessary changes take place to create a better learning environment. 

Those with friends or children enrolled in Ms.Pardo's class have heard endless stories of impractical policies, belittling behavior, ineffective teaching methods, and so on. 

Here are some examples of occurences and direct effects of occurences that have happened in Ms.Pardo's 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 7th class periods: 

  • Many students have admitted to crying because of Ms.Pardo's class. 
  • Students, who she does not like, claim that they feel targeted daily by Ms.Pardo.
  • An overwhelming majority of students agree that they are not learning in this environment.
  • When Ms.Pardo explains something, and a student does not understand, she becomes angry at their questions. She claims that they should have been listening. Students say that she makes them feel stupid and they are afraid to ask questions. 
  • Many students have become accustomed to going to other teachers for help because they find her teaching methods to be insuffcient. 
  • Many students are upset about the condescending manner in which she speaks to them. Some claim that she treats them like elementary schoolers.
  • Students who have tried to respectfully challenge her teaching methods are shot down. She does not take constructive criticism and becomes irritated at such. 
  • Many students admit that they do not want to be in the same room as her and do not feel comfortable talking to her. 
  • In class students try to get help from each other, when this happens she takes disciplinary action. Some students are afraid to speak at all in class for the fear that she will move their seat. Some people have had their seat moved 1-15 times. 
  • Many students have received phone calls home, some for something as little as explaining homework to someone or laughing. 
  • Ms.Pardo is also known for losing assignments. An overwhelming amount of students claim that she has lost anywhere from 5-15 assignments of theirs. 
  • Ms.Pardo has given different work or different instructions to class periods of the same course. And yet she still expects each to have done what she said for the other. 
  • On many warm days, she has refused to let us open the windows or doors, despite students pleas. 
  • At the beginning of the year, Ms.Pardo did not let students go to the bathroom. Her policy changed to one boy and one girl being able to use the bathroom at a time, during a five minute break. This break is not guaranteed or always issued. 
  • Ms.Pardo has other impractical/inconvenient  policies. One being that students are to write their name (and their name only) in pen on assignments. If they do not abide by this, their work will not be graded. 
  • Students are not allowed to have notebooks. Notes are to be done on loose pieces of paper and to be copied directly from the projection. Many students claim that these notes do not help. 
  • Ms.Pardo is not always clear about due dates, which has resulted in students showing up unprepared. 
  • Ms.Pardo gives homework without teaching it to the students. She explains the lesson, after the assignment is due. 
  • The principal came into period 4 and observed. Students claim that she put on a facade for the principal. Afterwards, they claim, she reverted back to her usual demeanor and back to her disrespectful actions. 
  • She has her TA's grade her tests. 
  • Students say that they feel cheated by this situation. 
  • Students agree that this learning environment is less than ideal for one or more of these daily happenings. 

Many students have complained to the administration and have tried to switch out of the class. Nothing has changed. 

Please sign this petition for the well being of Analy students in Ms.Pardo's class. We just want to feel safe in math class and to learn. We'd also appreciate if you wrote statements about your experiences in your reasons for signing, so we can take them to the district office. Thank you. 

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