Change the Class of 2019 Senior Shirts


Change the Class of 2019 Senior Shirts

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Lenzy S started this petition to West Potomac High School


We recently received our Class of 2019 Senior Shirts. 

Our first problem- 

1.) We as a class did not get to vote or design anything. We never got the opportunity to send submissions and vote. Most of the seniors never got to give their opinion about the shirt. I strongly believe that we should let the students decide and vote on an actual design we like.

Our second problem-

2.) There weren’t enough sizes to go around. Students were really mad because most of them got twice their size. After 5 minutes, ALL of the S/M/L sizes were out and they only had XL left. If we are paying for our shirt (Included in the senior dues) we must get our correct size. 

Our third problem-

3.) The design was simple. Every other school has some sort of creative design/logo. We remind you, that we are paying for this. This is our last year, it should be all about what the seniors want. 

To redesign the shirt-

Our design needs to be chosen by the Class of 2019 Seniors. We need YOUR ideas to help us design it.

We will hold a poll this week (so stay tuned)

How to fund the shirts-

After school Monday’s & Thursday (Late bus days) in the Main Lobby!

Our ideas for the fundraiser are still being discussed. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope you participate. 

Class of 2019 Students—

-Patricia Pleites Morales

-Lenzy Soto-Valdez

-Rocio Romero Jiménez

-Sergio Peña

-Angela Booteng 


This petition made change with 311 supporters!

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