Justice for my family.

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My family was attacked at our previous home where we was shot at and attacked with machetes and i got a broken arm and my partner terry donald had numerous machete wounds and my son was run over. Terry was arrested for people from the erdington estate making up false allegations. We was further attacked on the 7th april with my children in our car from the same gang and they arrested terry for witness intimidation and remanded him in custody when it was the so called witness who phoned for the gang to attack us and nothing has been done as far as im concerned she should of been arrested for inciting violence!!!! All we want is justice for our family and the police to believe that they are all LIEING. Terry should not be in custody he is being stiched up. We have lost our home because of these animals and terry should be with his family. I have no faith in our justce system what so ever. Please sign for terry to get justice.  Our family got rammed by someone the so called witness knows and still after everything reported and cctv and other means still no charge and my youngest son had a head injury because of it. We did everything by the book as far as police are concernd and they put terry in prison from made up statements to of which the police admitted they have to act on it so you put someone away for made up statements good on you wmp. Thank you jayne.

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