Urgent call for Footpath from Whitburn to Armadale

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This is an urgent call for a footpath beside the stretch of road between Whitburn and Armadale,which although its a short stretch of road, it's also deadly asit has numerous twists and turns and most parts of the roadside are sloped or rugged and so pretty much impossible to walk without walking on the road.

Personally, i have been walking the route for years and know how dangerous it is.You need eyes on the back of your head to keep safe and is advisable to anyone walking it to keep an eye open behind them every few seconds as the traffic often comes racing around the sharp corners and blind spots giving you very little time to jump to safety.

In the past few years, this route has seen a rise in pedestrian use due to the recently built Asda supermarket and the Train station, where the buses are very poor service and so most people either need to have money for a Taxi or else take the risk of Walking this treacherous route.This in reality then makes it a case of the poorest being the most vulnerable of people to be hit by traffic.

Now, the usual pattern with these solutions is that it takes a number of casualties before anything is done. Lets get ahead of this deadly game and get a footpath installed BEFORE anyone gets killed,not after.

This petition is a call to the Council to take action and install this much needed and overdue footpath. We are continiously hearing promises from the Government about how they want to encourage cleaner ways of travelling as well as Public transport, yet in order to use the Train station (without driving) you have to walk this deadly route.

Thank you.