West Lothian Council please stop and reverse these massive charges to vulnerable people

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West Lothian Council Social Work is implementing a new Contributions Policy which is unjust and unfair to the vulnerable people who need Social Care in West Lothian. This needs to stop and a complete re-think as the bills that people who need social care are receiving are unaffordable. 

West Lothian Council is run by Labour and Tory Councilors and it was those councilors that voted for this Policy and it these councilors that must reverse it , if they care about West Lothian vulnerable , old and disabled residents. 

Older People who attend Holmes Gardens a Day Centre for older people in Broxburn with dementia and other needs are being asked to pay £41.35 a day  from 1st April 2019 and before April they paid £4.50 a day. This £41.50 a day is not contributing to Social Care this is making it unaffordable for people to attend.  Attending this day centre is sometimes the only respite from caring that carers get and for some of the older person sometimes the only company they get all week. 

These charges affect other day centres across West Lothian like Linlithgow Day Centre , Acerdale in Bathgate, and other social care day centres like the Ability Centre in Livingston. Those that get support from support workers on a one to one basis like people with learning disabilities and mental health issues and the elderly. These are people that need support from Social Care not huge bills. Some bills are more than £70 a week. What will happen to these people if they stop these services as they simply cannot afford to pay?

Please support this petition , it could be your gran or grandad next  or brother or sister and you do not know when you yourself will need support later in life.