Dean's Community Action Group

Dean's Community Action Group

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Proposed Plan for Vulnerable Young Person’s Homeless Unit

We the residents of Elie Avenue, Huntly Avenue, Fintry Avenue and the wider Deans community, petition West Lothian Council to abandon any and all plans for future development or building on the small and long-established civic land / community land adjacent to Livingston United’s Station Park football ground. Contrary to “community integration” aspirations as per the West Lothian Council proposal, residents strongly feel that this plan will catastrophically impact on the community and the sense of neighbourhood currently enjoyed and maintained throughout Deans.

  • Loss of the ground for Gala day events; loss of 'the shows', erosion and possible loss of the gala day completely
  • Loss of parking for Livingston United football traffic
  • Safety impact on surrounding streets as cars move into Elie Avenue for parking / double parking / parking on bend / kerb side parking /restricted access to emergency vehicles
  • Change in aesthetic view to current residents and destruction of existing / established cultural milieu
  • Encroachment to current residents having 3 storey facility looking into their properties all of a sudden – loss of privacy.
  • Use of through way to current residents being impacted after nearly 50 years
  • Safety of play park, currently the only recreational facilities for children in the area
  • Safety aspect of the all residents using the bus stops and forcefully having to use the underpass next to the facility
  • Inappropriate use of location next to public house, church, play park, primary school
  • Danger to current traffic already on a wide bend, restricted view
  • Increases the volume of anti-social incidents in the area; groups of youths and “friends” from other west Lothian areas coming into Deans
  • Increase in police cars, ambulances taxis all at unsociable hours; increase in noise volume at all hours as a result; impact on “vulnerable” resident’s health
  • Increase in environmental impacts; i.e. littering, possible drug paraphernalia
  • Compounds existing anti-social issues at current location underpass
  • Long suffering of the current residents due to impacts of the ongoing 15 year Deans South debacle

We understand and support the need for such a facility, and as we are aware of other locations that have been considered that would be much better suited for such a building (the Trim Track in Almondvale Park) we demand that the plans for the Deans site are immediately halted so that no further public money is wasted going forward on this subject. We now want the area in question to be developed and landscaped for continued community use ensuring the future of Gala events and better infrastructure for the Livingston United football traffic.

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