Fair Airfare During Christmas

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During the entire year the beloved airline of WestJet in Canada offer seat sales at various times throughout the year. During the year even with no seat sales, they have about average to good pricing to fly within Canada. Every year since my son was born I have had to fly him back and forth from Vancouver to Calgary to visit his father and his family. Over the years, I have spent over $40,000 in flights as a loyal west jet client. Over the years the prices have increased more and more. My son is only 21 and I recall 15 years ago sending him constantly on $80 seat sales. I don’t think due to the fuel prices that $80 seat sales or feasible anymore. That is just to give you an example of how prices have changed so drastically. I have always used WestJet because I thought they were a reputable, respectful, and client service oriented company.  They have always marketed and showing themselves to be all about bringing families together and being as client service oriented as they possibly can. They have gone above and beyond most airlines in terms of customer service.  I always felt that their fares were fairly decent and provided a possibility for almost every income  to fly home at least sometime during the year. In this petition, I would like WestJet to consider families a little more closely, what types of families require flights, and what circumstances there are for many family flights. There are a lot of single parents who fly their children back-and-forth to see families to keep them close. There are also 17,000 RCMP Members and thousands more in the Canadian Forces who need to travel across Canada,  more than likely at one point or another, to fly home to visit family because they transfer so often throughout their career .......and that is not a choice that they have.  They also should be considering all the people that fly several places across Canada for medical treatment. I fly my son to come and see me or I go see him every year for Christmas. I am only flying him on a one hour flight usually from Calgary to Kamloops or Kamloops to Abbotsford. Every year at Christmas it has absolutely disgusted me that the Christmas dates are blacked out for seat sales and that it costs a minimum of  $500 for a one hour flight across one province. This always happens at Christmas time and what does this tell us,? WestJet, this screams greed.  This screams taking advantage of the Canadian family in every way. The one time of the year some people get to see family. The one time of year where giving and hope it’s supposed to be on the rise. The one time of year that everyone feels emotional as well as a financial burden to some degree. This is the one time that people need the most help financially when it comes to flights. The fuel has not gone up over Christmas so there really isn’t an excuse for such an exorbitant hike in prices. I started this petition because I got a seat sale email today that I was excited about. It was a $99 each way seat sale to Calgary from British Columbia. When I opened it, it blacked out the days of Christmas. Basically from December 22 to December 27. When I went online to book a flight without using the seat sale,  I keyed in travel on December 23 with a return date of December 26 from Kamloops to Calgary and the cost was $720 for one person!!!!! That is almost the usual cost to fly to Nova Scotia! I feel very upset that once again I cannot afford to see my own child for Christmas and I am not on the low income scale either.  Imagine those that are. I can’t help but to think how many people are feeling the same struggle at Christmas time when all we want to do is stay connected to our families. When I think about what I’ve always thought of WestJet,  I always thought of them as first time innovators for so many things in the flight industry. As we sign this petition,  we sign asking you WestJet, to be the first airline in Canada to make your prices during December/January the lowest in the country. Make December one entire seat sale. Make December the one time where you make the price lower than any other time of the year. Maybe even jack up your prices in August instead because people have saved up for holidays by then. But Christmas is a time for families to be together, so we sign this petition with the  request and hope that WestJet would be the first to jump at the chance of an incredible way to give back to families across Canada. Even if you took out some seat sales during the year and you made them all in December, think about how much positive publicity you would get as the company that is kind and caring and not greedy.