Keeping French and English Students in the Sec 4 Theatre Program Together

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A rumour has been spreading that the Secondary IV Theatre Program will be splitting the French Program students from the English Program students. This is unfair to both parties of students because:

  1. There are under 10 kids who are in the French Section who are in the Theatre Program. This will put them at a huge disadvantage with the variety of actors and writers as they will need to work far more than those in the English Program. 
  2. The English Program students and French Program students will not be exposed to the ideas of the opposing party, and the feeling of segregation stands strong. 
  3. The French Program students have little to zero classes where they aren't all together and rarely work with the English Program students. Therefore they cannot branch out with other students and have been hearing the same 17 kids' opinions and ideas for 4 years. 
  4. One of the main points in the arts electives at West Island College is to branch out with the other students from the opposing program and different classes. This segregation between the French and English Program in the Theatre Program will affect the mood and productivity of both parties greatly as they are being stripped of the chance to hear new ideas. This can greatly affect work ethic and quality.