Keep the Back Beach Road, Port Chalmers open to everyone

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I strongly disagree with the non access proposed by a small group in our community who have set up a petition online. This will be presented to our community board to stop vehicles driving around Back Beach in Port Chalmers my hometown and local walk and drive. This is a scenic road to the public which is accessible to all: traffic, pedestrians, animals, bicycles and emergency services. If they close this road to traffic they will he limiting access to the wider community including the elderly, people with disabilities and other. Their arguments include safety for pedestrians and animals from cars but many pedestrians treat this road as a footpath walking in the middle of the road on blind corners with some dogs off leads. I've even met prams and small children in the middle of this road. That is a safety issue for cars.  As a regular user of this road who travels the low speed limit of 30 km I cannot understand why pedestrians can't share the road and why I get dirty looks when I drive past pedestrians on a road I've used for 58 years. In times gone by people shared the road happily and the traffic is not busy enough to warrant the heavy hand of a small group who will be excluding the wider community with their proposed plans. We have dog parks in town, beaches and walks for dogs and people. We also have a new bike track and walkway to Dunedin and to Oamaru in the future so leave Back Beach alone. If you agree please sign the petition and share your arguments and thoughts.