West Ham to SACK Kurt Zouma for ANIMAL CRUELTY

West Ham to SACK Kurt Zouma for ANIMAL CRUELTY

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Started by Paul Sims

West Ham United FC Defender Kurt Zouma has been filmed drop kicking and hitting a pet cat. His only defence is that this was only a one off incident! Whether true or not (and I'm sure most do not believe him) this behaviour is utterly intolerable and should be investigated as animal cruelty (something up to the RSPCA), West Ham United FC need to act robustly to distance themselves from this player and his actions. As football players are seen as heroes by many and their actions are seen as something to emulate there is only the solution; sacking Kurt Zouma with immediate effect. West Ham United FC need to show that not only do they not condone these actions but find it as abhorrent as the rest of us.

My family has a cat that was rescued from a home where she was abused. She was kicked and pulled and has many injuries that can limit her (half blind, and a crooked front leg). She was not born this way but abuse led to this just like the abuse Kurt Zouma 'so proudly' wants to show the world on social media. He is in a privileged position to make a positive change in the world and chooses to do this.

West Ham United FC must distance themselves from Kurt Zouma's behaviours by sacking him immediately. All pets must be removed from Kurt Zouma's home, given necessary treatment and rehomed to a caring home. The FA should ban Kurt Zouma from professional football.

Please sign this petition to:

1. Ask RSPCA to step in and remove any pets owned by Kurt Zouma or in his household.

2. Ask the RSPCA to have all above animals health checked and given necessary vet treatment and rehomed to a good home.

3. To ban Kurt Zouma from keeping any animals in the future.

4. For West Ham Football Club to sack Kurt Zouma.

5. For the FA to ban Kurt Zouma from playing football professionally.

I do hope you support this petition. As an animal lover. As someone who thinks cruelty is not acceptable in any form. Or as someone who thinks that we should not have a professional public figure who has such low values.

Please help and please share and support this petition.

955 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!