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As a junior at WFHS and part of the generation where not only do students have tremendous amounts of stress, stress that has already led to two suicides at West alone, and the generation of de-stressing through online programs; I and other students find that the blocking of basically everything on our phones from the wifi and limiting the cell phone signal, is a violation of not only our privacy, considering blocking these lets servers into our devices to monitor and track our usage which can lead to any personal information being compromised, it's a violation of how we truly express and de-stress ourselves. We all realize that some of the websites and apps blocked on the wifi are blocked due to the board of education and school systems wanting to remove "distracting" and "un-educational" programs from our school day, however, it should be left up to the students to decide whether or not to abuse that privilege. If someone wants to watch Netflix instead of work, then that's their decision. Students had recently found a way to not only protect their personal mobile information as well as boost the already extremely slow wifi connection (which also needs to be fixed for the thousand kids who need wifi to participate in the BYOT program) using VPN Proxy Bypasses through free apps. However, whoever is in charge of said decisions and restrictions, has decided to block those as well, leaving students with no way to protect their personal information which is a violation of privacy. These servers that monitor have access to everything that is on our devices, passwords, banking, email, EVERYTHING. And if that is not a violation of privacy I don't know what is. 

So we as the student body of West Forsyth High School petition to whomever it may concern, whether that be merely the school administration or the entire Board of Education, we want our freedoms and our privacy returned to us. We want to be able to use our devices freely and as we please, but we also want the right to protect ourselves from prying servers and the reading of our personal information.

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