How you can be the change to WCYPB.

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The West Covina Baseball Pony League throughout the years has lowered their professional standards.  The board members are almost impossible to replace because only if nominated by a board member can anyone run for a position on the board.  This is not a democracy, this is a dictatorship in which the children are not their main interest.  Parents are scared to speak up regardless of how much unreasonable treatment they have seen.  We have a right to speak, but this board does not care and ignores anyone who decides to do it.  If a coach speaks up, they get kicked of the field and their team suffers the consequences.  In all my years being part of this league, I can only say that the only good thing I have heard about the league is that the kids are good.  All the other comments are very negative, and they seem that they are the same comments made for years.  With this petition I hope that parents know that they are not alone, that if we stick together and begin to speak up we can create the CHANGE that is way past due.  We need for the actual WCYPB board to be completely replace immediately before the next season begins, with people to actually be able to run for a position fairly, where they can volunteer themselves and be certain that there will be no tricks when the results come in.  I hope we can manage to create a fair, fun, and respectful environment for children and families in which we Protect Our Nations Youth (PONY) along with teaching them the fundamentals in baseball which they will not only remember for a life time, but use their skills learn for their everyday life.