West Coast University Online Learning Tuition Appeal

West Coast University Online Learning Tuition Appeal

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Jordan Alexander started this petition to West Coast University Administration

Due to unexpected Online Learning amidst students’ experience in WCU’s PharmD Program, the Administration should recognize the change in degree of expected learning experiences and available resources promised to the students*. Recruitment and expectations given to students is not being carried out by the current Program (March 2020 - Present). The shift in the learning experience should see a reflection in tuition cost to students in good manner from the Administration. 


  • Decisions involving this cannot affect WCU educational staff & faculty salaries/accommodation/job position/workload or pre-existing budgets for events, staff, and students.
  • Must equate to some “intrinsic” value to accommodate the total time the program was shifted to online for all cohorts impacted during March 2020-Present. 

Decreased Resources: 

WCU Main Campus Building

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing/Water
  • Food Services
    • Profit and non-profit complimentaries
  • Security Services
  • Study Rooms
  • Parking Services
  • In-Person Library
  • Printer voucher
  • Building maintenance staff

Satellite Campuses

  • Simulations

Travel Expectations

  • Many students faced dilemmas to plan residency based around campus location. Sudden discontinuation led to unused/cancelled apartments in both the early phase of quarantine 2020 and in Summer of 2021. 

Rotation Experience

  • Less available options to all students - Less opportunity for P4 year for career choices.
  • Leads to interference of student schedules to accommodate large class sizes to shortage of approved sites. (Last minute rotation announcements, less time in advance planning that affects students, summer rotations, less career experience exposure, etc.)

Learning Experience

  • Lack of face to face interaction. Getting to know each other within the field of Pharmacy is critical and this aspect is lost in many ways while online. 
    • Less peer to peer interaction within PharmD program
    • Less interprofessional interaction between different graduate programs on campus. 
    • Less teacher to peer interaction
    • Less club/organization interaction. 
  • Less on-campus incentives (ex: meet and greets at career fair, presentations, events, etc.)
  • Less Lab experience. Significant for students interested in compounding/industrial pharmacy. 
    • Lab facilities/equipment not being utilized.
  • Less physical instrument/device demonstrations. (Ex: inhalers, branded products, etc.)

* Emphasis that this is not regarding the quality of education that the educational staff delivers.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
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