Approve Fall Season in Ches-Mont League and West Chester Area School District NOW!

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We are writing in response to the recent decision by the ChesMont League, along with West Chester Area School District, to ‘postpone’ Fall Sports.  Despite the PIAA announcing their decision to allow Fall sports competition across Pennsylvania, this decision was made in view of recent reports by Chester County Department of Health and a recommendation from Gov. Tom Wolf.   This decision will negatively impact student athletes, creating an untenable situation for those Pennsylvania youth who will be unable to pursue their chosen athletic endeavors, now postponed indefinitely. 

As parents and members of the community, we feel that teams can and should safely return to play NOW.  We are concerned about the numerous adverse effects on our children’s physical and mental health, performance in school, personal development and professional growth.  In conjunction with the decision to move to a remote learning environment, removing sports further increases the potential risk for drug and alcohol abuse and mental health disorders, which will be felt by our families for years.  Team sports promote improved physical fitness, positive mental health, group socialization skills and leadership opportunities that are all critical in our childrens’ development.  Our children are being put at risk by policies, while attempting to promote safety, that actually restrict developmental opportunities at a critical time in their educational journey.    

By signing this petition, I stand with those who are committed to enabling high school athletes to return to the field to play competitive sports in Fall 2020.  We are asking for immediate action:

  • WCASD approve a full return to Fall Sports, commencing daily full-time practice and planning for competition without unnecessary delay.
  • ChesMont League publish and play a competitive inter-school game schedule without unnecessary delay.
  • Each School and District develop a plan to allow fan/family attendance, with proper social distancing, at all games and events
  • WCASD work with Chester County Department of Health to provide transparency into science, data and analysis used to make recommendation regarding youth sports

When you remove constructive activities like sports, our students will miss out on development opportunities that will affect them and the community for the rest of their lives.  We urge you to let them play.  Thank you for your attention and timely action. #LETTHEMPLAYCHESCO