Do not charge residents to recycle! Scrap the £50 charge!

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As of the 3rd of September, residents in West Berkshire will be charged £50 per year to have their garden waste recycling collected. But the bonkers thing is - they’ll collect your green bin if it only had food waste in! This won’t even save time on collection rounds, as refuse collectors will have to check every bin for a sticker and the contents of the bin, so if anything could cost more time to administer.

This charge comes as an additional separate payment on top of council tax, and is optional. Recycling is an essential service and should not be charged additionally - it is not a hobby for the wealthy. Less economically fortunate residents should not be trapped out of recycling their garden waste. Further to this, there are concerns disabled and elderly residents will not be able to take recycling to a waste facility as an alternative. We are at an environmental tipping point, everyone needs to be able to play their part in protecting the environment. We need to maintain and improve recycling rates not risk lowering them!

Nearly 85% of respondents to consultation oppose the £50 charge. We do not support this charge, or the damage it could do to our environment. 

We the undersigned urge West Berkshire Council to scrap the £50 charge immediately!