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Reform the Private Bus Transport in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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Kolkata has a good network of public transport including auto-rickshaw, metro trains, local trains and buses. Kolkata being a metro city thrives on an efficient and safe transport system day and night. Now the private cabs are also doing a good job.

But let me draw your attention to one of the age long issue of our city. The messed-up driving of the private buses. A good number of these buses ply in the city, and are driven in the most dangerous ways compromising the lives of not only the passengers but also the other commuters on road. They keep on unnecessarily overcrowding the bus which makes it extremely difficult for the passengers to travel. Overcrowded buses and then rash driving are perfect for the buses to topple and making them accident prone. Their driving skills reach the lowest during the non-peak hours when they have most of the road to themselves and over-speed so much that it feels the bus can anytime dash against a tree, wall or can fall into a pond. It is extremely scary. The passengers keep yelling to slow down but they (driver and conductor) cheerfully increase the speed and continue with their madness. The driver feels it’s a sort of an adventure trip and the speed thrills him further. People board these buses to reach their destinations and not hospital. Adding to these, is their unmindful and irrelevant honking which makes the ears blistered. I have to resort private bus service when I am not left with any other option and I am panicky during the journey constantly praying that I reach my destination unharmed. 

Key points of this petition:

1.The life-threatening bus rides and the inconsiderate attitude of the drivers and conductors.
2.Making the bus overcrowded to increase their revenue.
3.The narrow streets in various areas make this issue graver with their rash driving.
4.The useless honking which is taking the noise pollution to a high level.

Suggested solutions:

1. Train the drivers to drive carefully with utmost respect to traffic rules.
2. Make them understand and follow road ethics wherein unnecessary honking should be avoided.
3.Revise the drivers' and conductors' payments for a raise as they are not paid the same as government bus peers and are pushed to take up more passengers than the bus can accommodate.
4.If the narrower streets can be cleared off in a way that the commuters can manage their travel better.

This chaotic situation needs to be handled effectively and urgently.

Let’s not wait for a reactive measure only after a major incident.

Let’s be together here and show that “the change is possible”.

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