Petition to WBSCTE for cancelling even semester exams/promoting students to next semester

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Right now the whole world is suffering from the covid-19 pandemic. We are obeying lock down right now. Due to this situation, we are unable to go to our respective colleges. 

But, Most of the prestigious institutions have decided to promote their students to the next semester. Meanwhile, we, the students of Diploma studying under West Bengal State Council of Technical Education (WBSCTE) have no information related to our Current semester. 

There are few problems that may arise if exams are conducted. These are listed below-

1)We all know that online classes and exams are only half conceptualized shell of a thing to what education was, not everyone had that technology to carry online education.
2)If exam takes place then how are students going to appear in examination hall? We all know the situation of transportation in west Bengal. Lack of public transport is going to make students late for exam, not everyone lives near college.
3) Even if transportation (train/buses) are available, the congested environment in those transport can massively increase risk of getting infected by corona.
4) Most of the students are still out of city and some are stuck in red zone they surely don't have enough resources to return here in their mess/PG.
5)Even I think some of the teachers are going to be affected by the points I talked about.
6) Even if we Students and teachers arrive for examination, what will guarantee the safety of faculty and students?

Many of the students are helpless, all we can do now is to request the officials of WBSCTE to take a decision as soon as possible.