Want Online Exam In Siliguri

Want Online Exam In Siliguri

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Started by Student 1

The school were open now they are close, students learning in school now they are learning at the home.

Online classes were over their head, at any time their routines were set.

The teachers taught in the online mode with the fluctuating mood.

And now they want to take the exams on offline mode.

As per the school so is the teachers.

As per the teacher so is the routine.

And now the students are suffering from this hectic schedule.

Take our exam in online mode.

Because we are not appreciating the offline mode.

Definitely, we’ll go back to school.

In the new semester win all the new rules.

Let the examination should be online.

We want our examination's online don't give us mental pressure.

23 have signed. Let’s get to 25!