Proper maintenance and repairing of bridges and flyovers in Kolkata and West Bengal

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During the last three years, three crucial flyovers have collapsed - Ultadanga, Posta and Majerhat. Several have died under the debris, many are injured and lakhs of daily commuters have been facing problems because of traffic diversions, etc. There are numerous flyovers and bridges all over West Bengal and several of them are in precarious states which can cause severe accidents. Flyovers like Sealdah, Bijan Setu, Dhakuria, etc are pretty old and heavily used. Same goes for relatively newer flyovers like Chingrihata or Axis Mall. I am sure there must be many more in such poor states. We demand regular auditing of these flyovers and to ensure they are in safe conditions with time to time repairing as and when required. Innumerable conveyance and passengers and pedestrians ply through these bridges and flyovers on a daily basis and it is the governments duty to ensure the safety for everyone. Also, the auditing must be conducted by credible independent organizations without any bias to any political party whatsoever. The government can't put the common people's lives at stake and must learn from the previous three instances to ensure no such incidents are caused further.