Save North Bengal Animals from Train Accidents

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Year after year, we witness the animals getting smashed, run over by running trains in different stretches of North Bengal(Northern and North-eastern part of West Bengal) because of our ignorance and negligence.

The lush green forests there attracts elephants, rhinoceros and many more species. They tend to roam around forests in search for food and in the midst of forests lie the  railway tracks. Long time back, the speed of the trains were not that much and that's why the accidents were not that frequent. Also the human population was much less than today and for that there were plenty of wild forests present and thereby there was no shortages of food. But now, the scenery has changed. Human population is out of control and thereby we are destroying the forests for our own greed and need which is devastatingly affecting the lives of wild animals present in every corner of the world.

Please echo my concern with me to protect these wild animals and their homes by requesting the government to build bridges in every stretch of the North and North-east Bengal forests so that these accident gets prevented. I want to thank you all in advance for reading this and if you think this needs attention of the government please share as much as you can and join the petition.