West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office: Fire Officer Vance Matranga Jr. Immediately

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Vance is Violent AGAIN!

July 17th, Mrs. Lori was on the phone with her son while he was being pulled over. Her son and local law enforcement have previously had unpleasant interactions in their small town. Therefore, she insisted that her son drive to a well-lit area, where she met him.

According to one eye witness, once her son arrived, he was pulled from the car by deputies with his hands up. Nonetheless, he was slammed, tased, and stomped. The paramedics had to be dispatched to remove taser prongs from Mrs. Lori’s son. Mrs. Lori pulled out her cell phone and began documenting the brutal treatment of her son, once he was slammed to the ground. Mrs. Lori prayed that she was not documenting his final moments.

Vance Matranga told her to move back, or he would arrest her. He didn't want people to see them brutalizing a surrendered black man.

Matranga and other deputies then (while she was asking them to explain why she couldn't record it), took her phone and arrested her.

Vance and other Deputies began to slam this concerned mother against a wall causing facial injuries.

Her phone was taken into evidence.

Sheriff Cazes, a decent human being, would immediately return this woman’s phone. An honest human wouldn't delete anything in it.

Matranga, who became well known after killing an unarmed black man last year, should not wear a badge.

Now, he's beating up on a defenseless, unarmed Black Mother.

Enough is enough! Fire him! 

Meagan Hudson
1 year ago