Take down the statue of confederate general Henry Watkins Allen in Port Allen, LA

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Growing up in WBR was a beautiful experience. However, walking to the WBR parish library, passing the court house then having to pass the statue of the last confederate general in the state of Louisiana was traumatizing.  It truly is gut wrenching  looking from the halls of justice or from the windows of the library only to see a man who stood for hatred towards African Americans. This is a direct insult to the descendants of the enslaved who endured cruel and inhumane torture under the ownership of Gov. Allen. It’s time to bury the past and place this racist statue where it belongs, in a museum. Help us call, write and email the WBR parish council, president and whatever powers that be to remove the statue and have it place on the grounds of the West Baton Rouge Parish Museum where the true story of Gov. Allen can be told.  This man was a traitor to our country and deserves no public honor. Let’s join the rest of America by saying we too will not allow ideals of white supremacy to be on public display in West Baton Rouge Parish.


A Grateful Veteran