LEAVE the statue of confederate general Henry Watkins Allen in Port Allen, LA where it is

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Amy LeBlanc
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The statue of Henry Watkins Allen in Port Allen, LA should REMAIN in its current location to honor our former Governor of Louisiana. He was elected to the LA Legislature and was promoted to a Brigadier General during the Civil War. He then served as Governor from 1864-65 where he helped pass legislation to allow allow  purchase of medicine to be distributed it to the needy, including disabled soldiers. He also established new hospitals based on a combination of public and private funding as well as a system of state stores, foundries, and factories with the goal of converting the works to civilian production after the war. His ultimate goals were to make our state self-sufficient and to protect the civil liberties of our citizens from infringement by military authority.

He is a part of our Louisiana history and his statue should remain as a reminder of our unique heritage and the tremendous strides we've taken as a society since the Civil War.